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Cadillac Shoe Products

Boot Scrubber

Boot Scrubber

GET RID OF DIRT AND MUD: Prevents build up of dirt, grass, leaves, salt and snow on shoes and removes dirt. Helps preserve shoes longer by blocking build-up in shoe stitching.

ALL-IN-ONE SCRUBBER, SCRAPER, CLEANER: Mountable Brush removes large clumps first with sole & edge scraper. Strong bristle brushes clean mud and snow off footwear.

CLEANS ALL FOOTWEAR: Effective for boots, shoes, and sneakers. Also works great for athletic shoes, cleats, golf shoes & spike cleaner.

PORTABLE: Easy to use for all Ages. Indoor & Outdoor Boot scrubber perfect for home, automobile, yard, any and all doorways. Mounting not required.

DURABLE: Steel and Hardwood construction. Rust Resistant for Outdoor use. Includes instructions on bottom. The Cadillac Boot Scrubber has a patented design which provides a sturdy scrubbing with no permanent mounting required! This heavy duty shoe scrubber and scraper will safely clean any pair of boots, sneakers, cleats, or golf shoe you desire. Rust resistant and easy to store, our product will keep your footwear AND you house clean!

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