All-Weather Shield (Pump Spray)

7 oz. pump – SKU # 26752

Same all-season protection as the aerosol Shield. Fine mist sprayer provides smooth and easy application on large and small jobs.

All-Weather Shield (Aerosol)

5.5 oz. aerosol- SKU # 26702

All-season shoe care protection for leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, nylon and all fabrics. Helps prevent stains, water and salt damage on shoes, boots, handbags, coats, hats, neckties and other apparel. Non silicone base so it’s safe for use on all colors, and will not darken. Allows leather to breathe.

All-Weather Shield (Economy Size)

10.5 oz. aerosol – SKU # 26723

Same great product as our “Shield” but in an economy size! Not just for shoe care, but also great for camping and outdoor equipment too.

Shoe Stretch

6.5 oz. aerosol – SKU # 26713

4 oz. pump spray bottle – SKU # 6483

Eases pinching of tight shoes. Stretches shoes while walking.

Suede Renew – Brush Cap

5.5 oz. aerosol – SKU # 26710

Cleans and rejuvenates all colors of suede and nubuck. Leaves nap soft and velvety. Convenient brush top cap makes cleaning large surfaces areas quick and easy!

Water Seal, Stretch & Aersol Cleaning Products

Water Seal  (w/dauber)

4 oz. – SKU # 4711

Silicone water repellent protects smooth leathers from water penetration. Easy to use with the dauber top cap.

Shoe Shampoo – Brush Cap

7 oz. aerosol – SKU # 26707

Powerful formula deep cleans, while the exclusive Soil Guard ingredient leaves a protective coating to help shoes stay clean longer. Ideal for nylon, canvas, suede & nubuck, and smooth leathers.