Foot & Shoe Care

Shoe Stretcher
Medium (W5-8) – SKU # 1011
Large (W9-M9) – SKU # 1012
X-Large (M10+) – SKU # 1013
Gently stretch tight shoes, breaks in new shoes quickly while absorbing moisture. Works in either right or left shoes for the ultimate in shoe care.
 Shoe Strech CanShoe Stretch Updated
Shoe Stretch
6.5 oz. aerosol – SKU # 26713
4 oz. pump spray bottle – SKU # 6483
Eases pinching of tight shoes. Stretches shoes while walking.

Plastic Travel Shoe Trees
Men’s – SKU # 5801
Women’s – SKU # 5802
Unbreakable, lightweight plastic is ideal for keeping shoes in shape without the extra weight. Fashion colors, adjustable, fits any style and size for essential shoe care.
Sure Walkers 1 pair/bag

Regular – SKU # 84204
X-Large – SKU # 84205
Helps prevent slipping on wet, dry, icy or carpeted surfaces. Ideal for high heel, new and babies shoes. Packaged in poly bag.
HeelGrips_Bagged copy

Heel Grips 
1 pair/bag – SKU # 6476
Premium, skived rubber cushions heel and prolongs hosiery life. Provides excellent foot care in all footwear. Packaged in a poly bag.
HalterCushion_Bagged copy

Halter Cushions
1 pair/bag  – SKU # 64005
Prevents foot from sliding forward. Cushions ball of foot and helps shoes fit better. Won’t show on open toe shoes. Comfortable suede for increased foot care. Packaged in a poly bag.

Tongue Pads
SKU # 64002 (S, M, L, XL)
Self-adhesive pad tightens fit on loose fitting shoes. Prevents foot from sliding forward and slipping at the heel.
Terminator Insoles
SKU # 14030
Odor resistant insole, keeps shoes fresh and cushions feet for great comfort. Washable, trims to custom fit any shoe size.

Odor Terminator (Discontinued)
8 oz. – SKU # 26208
Don’t just mask odors when you can terminate them! Kills odors on contact without leaving any scent behind. Add this product to your shoe care routine for odor-free results.