Boot & Shoe Care Leather Lotion

8 oz. – SKU # 26801

Unique wax-free lotion that leaves leather with a soft, satin finish. May be used on all colors and kinds of smooth leathers, exotic skins, patents and vinyls. Not made for suede or nubuck.

Leather Cleaner

8 oz. – SKU # 26825

Deep cleans all smooth leathers, patents and vinyls. Effective on all colors of shoes, boots, handbags, luggage, coats and other leather articles. Not for use on suede or nubuck.

Leather Balm

4 oz. – SKU # 40002

Deep cleans, nourishes and polishes all smooth and grained leathers. Prevents water, salt and preparation from drying or cracking leather.

Ready Shine Sponge

Black – SKU # 67000                      

Brown – SKU # 67001                             

Neutral – SKU # 67002

Shines and adds color in seconds! No mess, no buffing needed. Reservoir bubbles tell you when polish has been used up. Can be used on smooth leather and vinyl.

Leather Creme – Black & Neutral

BLACK - 1.5 oz. – SKU # 41011

NEUTRAL - 1.5 oz. – SKU # 41066

For the ultimate in shoe care, Cadillac Black Leather Creme is blended from the finest waxes, and the rich and creamy texture is ideal for all smooth or grained leathers.

Oil Tanned Leather Conditioner

4 oz. – SKU # 41525

The perfect conditioner for all oil tanned and waxed leathers. Gently lifts out dirt while replenishing oils. Keeps leather soft and supple.

Mink Oil

8 oz. tub – SKU # 40028

Leather softener and conditioner helps preserve smooth leather and vinyl by keeping them soft and pliable. Helps prevent drying and cracking as well as salt stains.

Shoe Care & Polishes

Saddle Soap

3.17 oz. tin – SKU # 4030

Cleans, preserves and softens smooth leathers while removing any wax build up. Perfect for use on luggage, saddlery, shoes and boots.

Classic Shine Sponge

Neutral – SKU # 84125

Instant, one step shoe polisher that is in a sealed plastic case that won’t open until you want it to. Ideal for easy shoe care while traveling.