Boot Brush

SKU # 77007

Multi-use cleaning tool for quick cleaning of suede and nubuck. Can also be used for cleaning soles and cleats of boots and golf shoes. Ideal for travel.

Combo Brush

SKU # 77001

It’s a suede brush… it’s a shoe horn. This brush really is a valuable tool. It combines the convenience of a shoe horn with the versatility of a suede care tool. Brass is great for cleaning suede, rubber is perfect for delicate nubuck. Rubber head is ideal for cleaning welts.

Suede Brush

SKU # 7511

Soft nylon bristles is ideal for light cleaning and brushing up nap on all colors of suede articles. Contoured handle fits in your hand and when used regularly, will prevent nap from matting.

Heel Grips

1 pair/bag – SKU # 6476

Premium, skived rubber cushions heel and prolongs hosiery life. Provides excellent foot care in all footwear. Packaged in a poly bag.

Sneaker Wipes

20/pack – SKU # 28205

Great for cleaning all colors of smooth leather shoes. Moist towelettes packaged in a convenient dispenser top, hard plastic case. Also available: Sneaker Wipes Counter Display (SKU # 28224 – 12 piece molded counter display)

Halter Cushions

1 pair/bag  – SKU # 64005

Prevents foot from sliding forward. Cushions ball of foot and helps shoes fit better. Won’t show on open toe shoes. Comfortable suede for increased foot care. Packaged in a poly bag.

Sure Walkers 1 pair/bag

Regular – SKU # 84204

X-Large – SKU # 84205

Helps prevent slipping on wet, dry, icy or carpeted surfaces. Ideal for high heel, new and babies shoes. Packaged in poly bag..

Shoe Stretcher

Medium (W5-8) – SKU # 1011

Large (W9-M9) – SKU # 1012

X-Large (M10+) – SKU # 1013

Gently stretch tight shoes, breaks in new shoes quickly while absorbing moisture. Works in either right or left shoes for the ultimate in shoe care.

Plastic Travel Shoe Trees

Men’s – SKU # 5801

Women’s – SKU # 5802

Unbreakable, lightweight plastic is ideal for keeping shoes in shape without the extra weight. Fashion colors, adjustable, fits any style and size for essential shoe care.

Terminator Insoles

SKU # 14030

Odor resistant insole, keeps shoes fresh and cushions feet for great comfort. Washable, trims to custom fit any shoe size.

Brushes & Applicators

Polish Applicator

SKU # 7510

A shoe care essential featuring a curved handle for easy application. 100% Horsehair for smooth transfer of polish onto leather article. Molded plastic scraper for cleaning of welts and soles.

Shoe Shine Brush

SKU # 4803

Made with 100% Horsehair for easy shoe care. Curved wood block with finger grooves to fit the contour of your hand.

Polish Dauber

2/pack # 7515

Allows you to polish your shoes without polishing your hands. Large surface area for faster and more uniform application.

Shine Cloth

SKU # 7001

Professional size soft, flannel cloth

makes it easy to buff to a high shine. Shine cloths are an essential shoe care item for helping your footwear look new again.

Shoe Buffer

SKU # 4801

The easiest way to bring out the high gloss sine after polishing.

Boot Scrubber

SKU # 48800

Leaves dirt, mud, slush and grass clippings outside where they belong. Soft side bristles clean but won’t harm footwear. Bottom nylon bristles thoroughly clean soles.