Premium Leather care, Athletic shoe care, Water Shield, Handbag Wipes, and products made just for shoe cobblers- We have it all!

Leather Cleaner
8 oz. – SKU # 26825
Deep cleans all smooth leathers, patents and vinyls. Effective on all colors of shoes, boots, handbags, luggage, coats and other leather articles. Not for use on suede or nubuck.

Sandal Life
SKU # 26550
Destroys odors caused by perspiration, oils and dead skin particles. Concentrated formula makes it economical for routine shoe care. Kit contains 4 oz. dispenser top bottle and a cleaning brush packed in a reusable container.

Sneaker Wipes
20 moist towelletes – SKU # 28205
Great for cleaning all colors of smooth leather shoes. Moist towelettes packaged in a convenient dispenser top, hard plastic case. Also available: Sneaker Wipes Counter Display (SKU # 28224 – 12 piece molded counter display)

Shoe Shampoo – Brush Cap
7 oz. aerosol – SKU # 26707
Powerful formula deep cleans, while the exclusive Soil Guard ingredient leaves a protective coating to help shoes stay clean longer. Ideal for nylon, canvas, suede & nubuck, and smooth leathers.

White Refinish – Foam
5 oz. aerosol – SKU # 2631
Fast-drying foam, ideal for leather or vinyl golf and athletic footwear, nurses’ or babies’ shoes. Dries to a smooth semi-gloss finish that won’t come off and is non-toxic when dry.

Saddle Soap
3.17 oz. tin – SKU # 4030
Cleans, preserves and softens smooth leathers while removing any wax build up. Perfect for use on luggage, saddlery, shoes and boots.