WHITMORE LAKE, Michigan— March 25, 2014—Cadillac Shoe Products today announced the all-new Cadillac Select line of premium shoe care. Designed from the inside out, the all new Cadillac Select line breathes fresh vitality into a market that until recently was almost exclusively used by shoe cobblers.

Cadillac Shoe Products, founded in Detroit in 1913, has chosen to build upon the notion of artisanal craftsmanship with this product. Like most of their products, Select is made in small batches, the old-fashioned way, in their manufacturing facility in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. Select’s stainless steel packaging pays homage to old school Detroit manufacturing, where products were made to stand the test of time. “I’m a Michigan entrepreneur that was directly impacted by the demise of the auto industry,” said President, Gene Weng. “I used to own a company that provided parts for Saturn and when Saturn fell I was presented with the opportunity to buy this iconic legacy brand. Cadillac Shoe Products is another classic Detroit brand that fell on hard times with the decline of the shoe care industry, but by focusing on small batch quality and product integrity we’re making significant headway in bringing it back. Select is the first product that we’ve developed in five years. We wanted to do it right, make it something that the original owners would have been proud of, and most importantly, keep it made in Michigan. I’m happy to say that we’ve done it.”

This launch includes three products meant to be used in conjunction with one another to provide the complete shoe care package:

Cadillac Select Premium Leather Lotion is a unique wax-free lotion that will enhance and preserve the look of fine leather goods. Safe for all finished leather, patent, and vinyl, Select Lotion can be used on anything from shoes to handbags.

Cadillac Select Premium Leather Cleaner is formulated to clean leather, patent, and vinyl shoes, boots, handbags, or any fine leather item.

Cadillac Select Premium Water & Stain Protector will protect all fabrics, including leather and canvas from the elements. Select Protector creates an invisible, breathable layer of protection against dirt, uv-rays, water, and stains. This environmentally friendly formula will keep your shoes looking great for years.

Pricing & Availability:

All products are available for purchase April 7th

Please call 800.356.8804 for distribution inquires.

Select Premium Leather Lotion MSRP: $12.99

Select Premium Leather Cleaner MSRP: $12.99

Select Premium Water & Stain Protector MSRP: $12.99

Press Contact:

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