-Leather Care Q&A

Boot & Shoe

Q: What are the ingredients in Boot & Shoe?

A: Boot & Shoe, like all of Cadillac’s products are protected by Trade Secret laws. While we cannot provide a list of ingredients, we can tell you that Boot & Shoe is a proprietary blend of natural emulsifiers, conditioners, and moisturizers.

Q: Why would I use Boot & Shoe versus another product on the market?

A: Other leather conditioners may contain wax, chemicals, or animal fats. Over time, wax builds up on the surface of leather and impairs its ability to breathe. Leather conditioners that contain chemicals or animal fats may darken light leathers or pull color.

Q: How often should I use Boot & Shoe?

A: New leather items should be pretreated with Boot & Shoe and periodically thereafter depending on use. There is no set rule on how often to use Boot & Shoe because there are so many variations in leathers, use, and the type of weather and stress the leather experiences. The best indicator is the look and feel of the leather. If it feels dry or if it’s dirty, it needs to be cleaned and conditioned. We generally recommend applying Boot & Shoe once a week if the item is used every day.

Q: How do I apply Boot & Shoe?

A: Use a clean, lint free, cloth. Pour a quarter size amount on the cloth and massage into the leather. Make sure to treat the entire surface, let dry, and buff with a shine cloth if needed. We recommend applying Shield after the item is dry and buffed.

Q: Will Boot & Shoe darken leather?

A: No, but we only recommend it for smooth, polished leather. Do not use Boot & Shoe on distressed, suede, rough out, or nubuck.

Q: What does Boot & Shoe do?

A: Leather is a natural material and need to be continually conditioned. It dries out with time from exposure to the elements. By treating leather with Boot & Shoe you restore the natural oils, lubricate the fibers, which prevents scuffing, cracking, and staining from occurring. Boot & Shoe also provides a mild weather barrier.

Q: Is it safe to use Boot & Shoe on my couch? Can I sit on it afterward?

A: Boot & Shoe is great for you couch. You can sit on it as long as it’s dry, if for some reason you do have a skin reaction, just wash with mild soap.

Q: I applied Boot & Shoe to my leather item and now it has white streaks. What did I do wrong?

A: It sounds like you forgot to buff it out. Sometimes if you use too much product it can dry and cause streaking. It will come out, just buff it out with a cloth, or clean the boot and reapply.

Q: Can I use Boot & Shoe on my  handbag?

A: Yes, Boot & Shoe is safe for all finished leathers. We do recommend testing a small area before covering the entire boot. Do not get Boot & Shoe on the heel, as it can cause bleeding.

Cadillac Leather Cleaner

Q: When do I use Leather Cleaner?

A: When dirt gets into leather its abrasive action cuts, damages and weakens the leather fibers. As a result the leather loses its strength. When you clean your item and remove the dirt it allows the fibers to flex freely. We also recommend cleaning periodically to open up the pores of leather to allow it to breathe. Always follow up with Boot & Shoe after cleaning. Shield may be used if waterproofing is desired.

Q: Can I use Leather Cleaner on my suede/distressed/nubuck/exotic skin item?

A: No. Leather Cleaner should only be used on smooth, polished leathers.

Q: How do I apply Leather Cleaner?

A: Use a clean, lint free cloth and pour a quarter sized amount of Leather Cleaner onto the cloth. Rub into the leather and wipe off.

Q: How often should I use Leather Cleaner?

A: Whenever your leather is dirty or dry feeling.

Q: Will Leather Cleaner discolor my leather or leave a residue?

A: No, but we always recommend testing a small, inconspicuous spot before cleaning the whole item. Do not get Leather Cleaner on the heels of boots, as it may cause bleeding into the leather.


Q: How should Shield be applied?

A: Apply two to three light coats to any new or untreated item. Shield needs to be reapplied periodically thereafter depending on the use and conditions the item is subjected. For items that are periodically worn, apply every few months. For items that are frequently used, apply it every two weeks. If the item has been subjected to heavy rain, allow the item to dry before applying several light coats.

Q: Does Shield contain silicone?

A: Here at Cadillac, we believe that silicone impairs leathers’ natural ability to breathe and you can feel safe about using our products on your leather.

Q: What can I treat with Shield?

A: Shield can be used on any smooth leather, suede, nubuck, exotic skins, hats, and fabrics. We do not recommend it for distressed leathers as they are often pretreated by the manufacturer and we do not know what chemical reaction may occur. If you know your item has been weather pretreated by any item other than Cadillac products, do not use Shield.

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