In 1963, any company founded in Detroit wanting to be synonymous with excellence had no other choice but to be christened with the name of Cadillac.

Since then, Cadillac Shoe Products, Inc. has been a leading Manufacturer, Marketer and Distributor of a comprehensive quality line of Shoe Care, Foot Care and Leather Care.

Cadillac Shoe Products founder, Victor Kanners, knew that in order to build on the legacy started by his father, he would have to lay the foundation with the highest quality goods, eye-catching packaging, innovative products, competitive prices, and of course, an unparalleled commitment to personal service.

The ability to create and nurture a mutually beneficial partnership with his customers was a lesson learned well from his father. Victor was continuously able to achieve this by offering an old fashioned, honest to goodness value with his program that benefited retailers and consumers alike.

Samuel Kanners (Victor’s father) knew all about building relationships. He started in the shoe business by walking the streets of Detroit with shoelaces on his back, selling door to door to shoe repair shops in 1919. From those humble beginnings, he built a successful Wholesale Distributorship that was eventually led by his son, Victor, after he returned from his overseas stint serving in the U.S. Army in WWII.

In the early 1960’s, he became discouraged that each of his suppliers were only able to offer bits and pieces of the whole shoe care category of products. His idea to offer the entire grouping of the goods under one brand was born from this frustration. Cadillac thus became the first company to offer an entire collection of products designed to help take care of shoes, boots, leather and all materials.

Today, as in 1963, Cadillac Shoe Products, Inc. is still dedicated to the same philosophies that governed Samuel Kanners’ 1919 quest to build an enduring business that was respected by all. We continue to strive for continuous improvement, both in the innovative products we offer, as well as the services we provide to our valued customers. Our goal is ongoing, 100% customer satisfaction at all times.

Our History